Customized texture / graphical surface design: These include reproductions and interpretations of wood, stone, fabrics, tiling and metallic surfaces, as well as abstract designs.

Our decors

9038 MB3D

Large but plain figures, a fine-grained look and the occasional inclusion

9042-1 MB3D

This extremely rustic furniture decor benefits from its old wood look with knotholes and deep black cracks.

9049 MB3D

A very natural look and many of the details typical of maple characterise this decor.

9050-1 MB3D

Heavy rustic boards marked by deep, particularly enhanced cracks provided the inspiration for this unusual furniture decor.

9051-1 MB3D

Its rough, rustic structures, resulting particularly from its distinctive cracks and knots, are what make this furniture decor so special.

9058 MB3D

The decor design is based on striated areas with growth lines in narrow veneer sheets.